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About Tajmeeli

Tajmeeli's aim is to provide educational information about cosmetic procedures to Arabic speakers across the Middle East and the entire world. With more than 3,000,000 visits each month from Arabs who are interested in cosmetic procedures, Tajmeeli connects hundreds of thousands of Arabs with clinics, hospitals, and doctors around the world. Tajmeeli covers a range of cosmetic topics from Rhinoplasty to Gastric Bypass Surgery.

Important Note for Non-Arabic Speakers: This website is designed and intended to be used by Arabic speakers throughout the Middle East. The few English pages on this website exist to make non-Arabic speakers aware of what Tajmeeli is and to connect clinics and doctors around the world with Arab clients. The Arabic version of this website can be found here, it contains more than 1000 pages of in-depth Arabic context on the topic of cosmetic procedures.

Helped thousands of patients

Tajmeeli has helped thousands of patients throughout the world find certified and qualified cosmetic surgeons throughout the Middle East and Around the world.

Helped hundreds of clinics

Tajmeeli has helped hundreds of clinics in the Middle East and around the world connect with more patients looking for the services they offer by providing accurate detailed information and reviews about their clinic.

About our writers

Tajmeeli uses qualified Medical writers to write many of our authoritative articles on medical topics related to beauty. For the most technical medical articles, we use writers with education in the fields of medicine and pharmacology.

Here are a few of our qualified medical writers:

Dr. Heba Elmansy - graduated as Medical Doctor from Qasr El Eyni University. She specializes in simplifying complicated medical topics using research from peer-review medical publications so the average reader can understand better.

Dr. Mona Abead - Is a Medical Pharmacist who graduated from Ain Shams University with excellent marks. In addition to medicine and pharmacy, Mona has done additional studies in nutrition and weight loss including treatments for obesity. She also has more than 10 years of experience translating medical content and courses on medicine.

Dr. Ghofran Habeeb - Is an experienced medical writer and translator who has worked on a wide variety of medical topics including extensive medical translation projects for the Mayo Clinic. She has written many articles about specialized cosmetic procedures for a variety of medical publications over the past several years.

Peer-Reviewed Sources

Research for many of our articles is derived from peer-reviewed sources. Some of these sources include:



American Society of Plastic Surgeons


American Academy of Dermatology


Plastic Surgery Education Network


Tajmeeli’s Commitment to regularly review and update:

Tajmeeli knows that the world of beauty is constantly changing so we are committed to regularly reviewing and updating previous articles we have written.

Doctors on this Website

Many of the doctors who have profiles on this website are board-certified through organizations such as those listed below.

American Society of Plastic Surgeons


american society of plastic surgeons

American Academy of Dermatologyhttps://www.aad.org


American Dental Association



The Saudi Arabian Dermatology and Plastic Surgery Society



Emirates Dermatology Society



And many others.

Expert Opinions from Top Medical Experts

We regularly request and work with top medical experts in the beauty field to give us opinions about trends in the aesthetic industry. Here is are some examples of articles where we sourced opinions from many doctors in our network.

21 Middle East Cosmetic Surgeons Share their Opinions about how to Chose the Right Rhinoplasty Surgeon

21 جراح لتجميل الأنف يبدون آرائهم حول كيفية اختيار الطبيب المناسب لإجراء العملية

12 Middle East Cosmetic Surgeons Share Their Opinions on How to Chose a Liposuction Clinic

12 طبيب شفط الدهون يبدون آرائهم حول كيفية اختيار الطبيب المناسب لإجراء العملية

Expert Interviews

We also do interviews with some of the top cosmetic surgeons in the world. Below are some examples of our interviews:

Links to interview articles:

Interview with Dr. Kassir Ramtin.

مقابلة مع د.رامتن كاسير طبيب جراحة التجميل

رامتن كاسر جراح التجميل

Interview with Dr. Alexander Rivkin

مقابلة مع د.ريفكن رائد عمليات تجميل الأنف بدون جراحة

ريفكن رائد عمليات تجميل الانف بدون جراحة

Interview with Dr. Joseph Niamtu

مقابلة مع د.جو نيامتو خبير جراحة تجميل الوجه

جوزيف نيامتو طبيب جراحة تجميل الوجه

Proud to be a global organization

Tajmeeli is made up of a team of beauty enthusiasts and medical professionals across the world. We believe that having a diverse array of individuals from different backgrounds who are passionate about beauty helps us provide better information to our users.  

We have team members in the following countries:



Saudi Arabia



South Africa

The Philippines


Please contact us through our contact page if you have any inquiries.

Contact info

Email: info@tajmeeli.com

Our Middle East Address

Salah Al Saheymat Street,

Park Plaza Sweifyeh,

Amman 11185, Jordan

Important Pages on the Arabic Version of Tajmeeli

Arabic About Page






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