A new year often brings the idea of ​​”a new me”.

By now, most of us have set our New Year’s resolutions. We’re either feeling great that we’ve achieved what we set out to or we’re hitting our heads because we’re struggling to take action on our goals.


Intrigued by this, The Research Team at Tajmeeli was keen to see what the rest of the world thought would be good New Year’s Resolutions for 2022. 


Using Google Search Data, we looked at the rising search queries in wellness and health categories and topics that people would likely use to set New Year’s goals. We examined the data of a sample of seven predominantly English-speaking countries from December 2021 to mid-January 2022.


This is what we discovered.




1 .The World’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

2 .Global Trends

3 .Individual Country Highlights

4. About the Data




Tajmeeli identified 14 New Year’s Resolutions for 2022 by analyzing Google search queries related to popular health and wellness topics that had a search increase from December 2021 to mid-January 2022.

In the image above you’ll see To Lose Weight is the most popular goal with Eating Differently the second and Start Working Out the third favorite New Year’s Resolution. Care for Skin and Begin Fasting were tied for 8th place as they had the same number of rising search queries, whereas Take Vitamins and Try Morning Routine were tied for 12th place.

The Top New New Year’s Resolutions in Order of Most to Least Popular:


  1. Lose Weight
  2. Eat Differently
  3. Start Working Out
  4. Change Hair
  5. Sleep Better
  6. Follow a Meditation Practice
  7. Improve Mental Wellbeing
  8. Care for Skin and Begin Fasting
  9. Practice Yoga
  10. Gain Weight
  11. Quit Smoking
  12. Take Vitamins and Incorporate a Morning Routine


In the tables below you’ll see each New Year’s Resolution is listed in the blue horizontal bar at the top of every table. The diagrams also include the search terms of the seven countries related to the resolution represented by the table.


* Queries with ‘Breakout’ search interest have had a ‘tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches’. This suggests the search terms had a surge in interest over the past month and a half. A breakout search query, for example, could have not been searched for before the stipulated period and then have a high increase in interest for that specific time. Because of this, there’d be very little search data to compare it to and the query would thus have a breakout increase in searches according to Google.


Breakout search terms are in no particular order.


CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESHow to Lose Weight Fast+160%
INDIABest Exercise to Reduce Belly FatBreakout
Oziva Weight Loss+300%
Fat Burner for Men+300%
Diet Chart for Weight Loss for Male+190%
Herbalife Nutrition+160%
Best Food for Weight Loss+120%
How to Lose Weight at Home+120%
Black Coffee for Weight Loss+120%
Detox Water for Weight Loss+100%
Herbalife Weight Loss+70%
How to Reduce Belly Fat+70%
Diet Food for Weight Loss+70%
Diet Chart for Weight Loss for Female+70%
How to Lose Belly Fat+50%
Weight Loss Tips+50%
Weight Loss Medicine+40%
How to Lose Weight Fast+40%
UNITED KINGDOMHow to Lose Belly Fat FastBreakout
How to Lose Lower Belly Fat+3,200%
Best Diet for Weight Loss+550%
How Many Calories Should I Eat to Lose Weight+300%
Best Exercise to Lose Weight+250%
How to Lose Weight on Your Face+200%
Best Cardio for Weight Loss+200%
Keto Weight Loss Pills+190%
Fastest Way to Lose Weight+190%
Cambridge Weight Plan+170%
Healthy Meals for Weight Loss+160%
Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss+150%
Weight Loss Chart+100%
Weight Loss Surgery+100%
How to Get Rid of Belly Fat+100%
Weight Loss Meal Plan+100%
Best Exercise to Lose Weight+90%
Weight Loss Pills+80%
Best Way to Lose Weight+70%
Best Ways to Lose Weight+60%
Ozempic Weight Loss+60%
Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss+60%
Diet Plan for Weight Loss+50%
Nhs Weight Loss+50%
CANADAMetformin Weight Loss+140%
Ozempic Weight Loss+130%
Weight Loss Meal Plan+80%
Ozempic for Weight Loss+70%
How to Lose Belly Fat+50%
UNITED STATESDoes Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies Help Lose WeightBreakout
Topamax for Weight LossBreakout
Best Diet to Lose Weight+50%
Fasting to Lose Weight+50%
Calorie Calculator+40%
Calorie Deficit Calculator+40%
Leek Soup for Weight LossBreakout
Naturade Weight Loss ShakeBreakout
Tropical Water for Weight LossBreakout
Vivian Vance Weight LossBreakout
Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Are WorkingBreakout
Leeks for Weight LossBreakout
Ginger Oil for Weight LossBreakout
Vanderbilt Weight Loss Clinic+4,250%
Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners+4,200%
Sota Weight Loss Utah+4,200%
Best Protein Bars for Weight Loss+4,100%
Stomach Surgery for Weight Loss+4,050%
Reasons to Lose Weight+3,500%
Can You Lose Weight by Drinking Water+3,500%
Golo Weight Loss Pills+1,950% Weight Watchers+1,700%
How to Lose Body Fat Men+1,650%
FDA Approved Weight Loss Drug+850%
How to Get Rid of Lower Stomach Fat+750%
Acupuncture for Weight Loss+550%
Good Foods for Weight Loss+450%
Is Oatmeal Good for Weight Loss+350%
How Many Carbs a Day to Lose Weight+350%
Best Snacks for Weight Loss+300%
Best Weight Loss Apps+250%
Weight Loss Journal+250%
Foods That Help You Lose Weight+190%
How to Lose Chest Fat+190%
How Many Calories Can I Eat to Lose Weight+170%
Diet Plan to Lose Weight+140%
Weight Loss Clinics Near Me+130%
Rybelsus Weight Loss+130%
Medical Weight Loss Near Me+120%
Best Foods for Weight Loss+110%
Calorie Calculator to Lose Weight+100%
Does Protein Make You Lose Weight+100%
Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help You Lose Weight+80%
Best Ways to Lose Weight+70%
Calorie Deficit+60%
Drinking Water to Lose Weight+60%
Does Yoga Help You Lose Weight+50%
How to Lose Weight While Breastfeeding+50%
SOUTH AFRICAHow Many Calories to Lose Weight FastBreakout
Coffee and Lemon for Weight Loss+100%
How to Get Rid of Belly Fat+100%
AUSTRALIAHow Many Steps a Day to Lose WeightBreakout
Best Way to Lose Weight FastBreakout
Pilot Weight LossBreakout
Noom Weight LossBreakout
Boxing Weight ClassesBreakout
Weight Watchers Australia+150%
Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss+110%
Ozempic Weight Loss+60%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESVitamins to Gain Weight+500%
INDIAHow to Gain Weight at Home+70%
How to Gain Weight for Females+60%
UNITED STATESProtein Powder for Weight Gain+200%
SOUTH AFRICAProtein Shakes for Weight GainBreakout
How to Gain Weight+60%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESMosegor Vitamins+250%
Vitamins With Zinc+200%
Fortima Vitamins+60%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
INDIASkincare Routine Order+70%
UNITED KINGDOMSkincare Routine+40%
CANADASkincare Routine Order+70%
UNITED STATESNatural Skin Care Products+200%
Mens Skin Care+170%
Skin Care Routine for Men+150%
Skincare Routine Order+130%
Good Skin Care Routine+60%
Best Skin Care Routine+50%
Facial Skin Care+40%
Korean Skin Care Routine+40%
Skin Care Routine Steps+40%
Daily Skincare Routine+40%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESHair Treatment for Dry HairBreakout
2022 Hair Color TrendsBreakout
Hair Color 2022+1,100%
Hair Cut Style for Girls+500%
Layer Hair Cut+300%
Messy Hair+180%
Hair Color Ideas+150%
Brunette Hair+110%
Brazilian Blowout+100%
Short Curly Hair+90%
Perm Hair+80%
Dark Brown Hair Color+70%
Ash Brown Hair Color+70%
Hair Style for Girls+70%
Bleach Hair+60%
Ash Gray Hair Color+50%
Layered Hair+50%
Ash Blonde Hair Color+40%
Hair Color for Short Hair+40%
INDIAHair Care Routine+110%
UNITED KINGDOMHair Colours 2022+900%
Hair Growth Shampoo+190%
Hair Growth Serum+130%
Hair Growth+60%
CANADAHair Color Trends 2022Breakout
Layered Hair Styles+1,950%
2022 Hair Trends+900%
Rice Water for Hair Growth+50%
Hair Loss Treatment+50%
Dark Brown Hair+50%
UNITED STATESHairstyles With Braiding Hair+300%
Bleaching My Hair+180%
How to Bleach Your Hair at Home+180%
How to Dye Your Hair at Home+120%
Blue Hair+90%
Silk Press Natural Hair+90%
How to Braid Hair+80%
Hair Transformation+80%
How to Cut Your Own Hair+80%
Hair Cutting+70%
Hairstyles for Short Hair+60%
Red Hair+50%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESSleep Meditation for Kids+140%
INDIAWhat Is Meditation+110%
Vipassana Meditation+50%
UNITED KINGDOMMindfulness Meditation+90%
CANADAMeditation Du Matin (morning)Breakout
Meditation Pour Dormir (before sleep)+450%
10 Minute Meditation+350%
UNITED STATESTM Meditation+250%
5 Minute Meditation+200%
Relaxation Meditation+100%
Joe Dispenza Meditation+80%
Free Meditation Apps+70%
Benefits of Meditation+60%
Meditation Apps+50%
Guided Meditation+50%
Guided Meditation for Anxiety+50%
Transcendental Meditation+40%
Meditation Classes Near Me+40%
AUSTRALIASleep Meditation for Kids+140%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESWhat Are the Factors That You Considered in Making Your Decision+170%
INDIAHow to Deal With Anxiety+110%
UNITED STATESAnxiety Relief RingBreakout
How to Combat Anxiety+1,750%
Affirmations for Anxiety+450%
Vitamins for Anxiety+250%
How to Stop an Anxiety Attack+200%
Essential Oils for Anxiety+160%
Natural Anxiety Relief+120%
Unwinding Anxiety+120%
Does Melatonin Help With Anxiety+110%
Anxiety and Depression Medication+100%
Anxiety Ring+100%
Seroquel for Anxiety+100%
Anxiety Medication Names+100%
Herbs for Anxiety+100%
Marijuana for Anxiety+80%
AUSTRALIAAnxiety Ring+60%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
INDIAHealthy Dinner Recipes IndianBreakout
Keto Diet Meaning+200%
GM Diet Plan+170%
What Is Keto Diet+160%
Diet Food for Weight Loss+150%
Uric Acid Diet+140%
Paleo Diet+130%
Ketogenic Diet+80%
Detox Diet+80%
Vegan Diet+60%
PCOS Diet Chart+60%
Diet Chart for Weight Loss for Female+50%
Sugar Patient Diet Chart+40%
UNITED KINGDOMDr Michael Mosley DietBreakout
Dr Michael Mosley Diet PlanBreakout
Master Cleanse DietBreakout
Keto Diet FoodsBreakout
Best Health KetoBreakout
Low Histamine DietBreakout
Michael Mosley Diet+1,050%
Slimfast Diet+600%
Keto Diet Plan+600%
Anti Inflammatory Diet+450%
Fast 800 Diet+250%
Healthy Smoothie Recipes+180%
Low Fat Diet+150%
Healthy Meals for Weight Loss+150%
Noom Diet+140%
Gestational Diabetes Diet+100%
What Is a Keto Diet+100%
Second Nature Diet+100%
Mediterranean Diet+90%
Vegetarian Diet+90%
Low Cholesterol Diet+70%
One to One Diet+70%
Healthy Food Recipes+60%
Best Diet for Weight Loss+60%
Carnivore Diet+60%
Diet Plan+60%
Healthy Diet+50%
Paleo Diet+50%
CANADAHealthy Air Fryer RecipesBreakout
Low Glycemic Diet+1,150%
Reverse Diet+350%
Noom Diet+350%
Healthy Smoothie Recipes+160%
Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes+160%
Atkins Diet+120%
Cabbage Soup Diet+120%
Keto Diet Plan+40%
Low Fodmap Diet+40%
UNITED STATESLeek Soup DietBreakout
Betty White DietBreakout
Diet Plans for Men+2,700%
Dolly Parton Diet+1,350%
Keto Prime Diet Pills+1,300%
Golo Diet Pills Price+1,300%
17 Day Kickstart Diet+1,300%
Low Glycemic Diet+900%
Diet to Lower Blood Pressure+300%
A Positive Blood Type Diet+300%
Healthy Air Fryer Recipes+300%
Cardiac Diet+250%
Paleo Diet Food List+250%
The Pegan Diet+250%
Flexitarian Diet+200%
Tropical Loophole Diet+200%
Diet Pills for Women+190%
Low Carbohydrate Diet+190%
Diabetes Diet Menu+190%
Gluten Free Diet List+180%
Diet Meal Plans+150%
Healthy Lunch Recipes+150%
Dash Diet Recipes+140%
Insulin Resistance Diet+130%
Slim Fast Diet+120%
Healthy Ground Beef Recipes+90%
Healthy Easy Dinner Recipes+50%
Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes+40%
SOUTH AFRICAPlant Based Diet+400%
Carnivore Diet+250%
Mediterranean Diet+140%
Keto Diet+50%
AUSTRALIAFodmap Diet+250%
Noom Diet+200%
Paleo Diet+120%
Low Fodmap Diet+120%
800 Diet+110%
Anti Inflammatory Diet+90%
Keto Diet Plan+50%
Mediterranean Diet+50%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESSleep Meditation for Kids+140%
INDIABest Direction to Sleep+100%
Which Direction to Sleep+80%
Which Side Is Best to Sleep+50%
UNITED KINGDOMHow to Get to Sleep Fast+150%
Best Position to Sleep+140%
How to Sleep Fast+110%
UNITED STATESHow Many Hours of Sleep Should I Get+2,700%
Is 4 Hours of Sleep Enough+2,050%
Dr Teal Sleep Spray+850%
Eye Mask Sleep+300%
Ooler Sleep System+250%
Dr Teals Sleep Spray+200%
Sleep Music for Kids+200%
Sleep Spray+200%
How Much Sleep Do Adults Need+200%
Qunol Sleep+170%
Mike Huckabee Sleep Aid+160%
Cbn for Sleep+160%
SOUTH AFRICASleep Apnea+70%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
PHILIPPINESAnytime Fitness+50%
INDIABelly Fat Reduction Exercise+2,050%
Biceps and Triceps Workout+200%
Chest Workout at Home+100%
Back Workout Gym+70%
Push Pull Legs Workout+60%
Shoulder Workout+50%
Biceps Workout+40%
UNITED KINGDOMBest Exercise to Lose Belly FatBreakout
Insanity WorkoutBreakout
Wolverson FitnessBreakout
Fitness First Wigan+4,850%
Fitness First Streatham+4,800%
Figure 8 Fitness+600%
Nintendo Switch Fitness Games+350%
Kettlebell Workout+300%
Bicep Workouts+200%
Emom Workouts+200%
Glutes Workout+190%
24 Hour Fitness+190%
Eden Fitness+180%
7 Minute Workout+140%
Leg Day Workout+100%
Fitness Superstore+100%
Bungee Fitness+100%
Vanquish Fitness+100%
Exercise for Less+80%
Anytime Fitness Near Me+70%
Upper Body Workout+60%
Joe Wicks Workout+50%
24/7 Fitness+50%
Total Fitness Wilmslow+50%
Total Fitness Wakefield+50%
CANADATrx Workout+250%
Shoulder Workout+150%
Lower Ab Workouts+130%
Ab Workouts+80%
Arm Workouts+60%
Kettlebell Workout+60%
Ab Workout+50%
UNITED STATESTricep Exercises With DumbbellsBreakout
Best Rear Delt Exercises+4,800%
Yoga Wheel Exercises+2,350%
Abs Exercises at Home+2,300%
Free Weight Back Exercises+1,150%
Balance Exercises for Seniors Pdf+1,100%
Skaters Exercise+300%
Tabata Exercises+300%
Russian Twists Exercise+300%
Upper Back Exercises+200%
Fire Hydrant Exercise+180%
Exercises to Strengthen Lower Back+160%
Workout Routine for Men+60%
Gym Workout Routine+40%
SOUTH AFRICAPlanet Fitness QueenswoodBreakout
Planet Fitness BrackenfellBreakout
Ignite Fitness Somerset WestBreakout
AUSTRALIATabata WorkoutsBreakout
Back Workout GymBreakout
Fitness Playground MarrickvilleBreakout
Fitness First Kings CrossBreakout
Fitness First RobinaBreakout
Fitness Playground NewtownBreakout
Planet Fitness SpringwoodBreakout
Plus Fitness Near MeBreakout
Southside Fitness+550%
Verve Fitness+350%
Fitness First Bondi Junction+200%
Fitness First Parramatta+200%
City Fitness+190%
Fitness First Timetable+170%
Top Ryde Fitness First+160%
Ab Workout+110%
Vast Fitness Academy+60%
Roar Fitness+60%
Zap Fitness+50%
Upper Body Workout+50%
Revo Fitness+40%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
INDIAHealthy Morning RoutineBreakout
CANADAHealthy Morning RoutineBreakout
UNITED STATESHealthy Morning RoutineBreakout

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
INDIAYoga Centre Near Me+1,000%
Aerial Yoga+550%
Online Yoga Classes+40%
UNITED KINGDOMYoga PositionsBreakout
Alo Yoga Uk+200%
Hot Yoga Near Me+200%
Yoga for Beginners+100%
Yoga With Adrienne+60%
CANADAPrenatal Yoga+550%
Aerial Yoga+300%
Yin Yoga+60%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
INDIAHow to Quit Smoking+110%
UNITED KINGDOMAllen Carr Stop SmokingBreakout
UNITED STATESStop Smoking Pill+120%
Vaping vs Smoking+90%
How to Stop Smoking Weed+70%

CountrySearch TermPercentage Increase
CANADAIntermittent Fasting for Women+110%
UNITED STATESDopamine FastingBreakout
Impaired Fasting Glucose+450%
Jason Fung Intermittent Fasting+180%
Best Intermittent Fasting App+170%
Fasting to Lose Weight+110%
Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss+80%
Autophagy Fasting+60%
Benefits of Fasting+60%
Do Fasting+40%
Fasting Benefits+40%
Intermittent Fasting 16/8+40%
SOUTH AFRICAFasting and Prayer+250%





The Favorite Resolution


Looking at trends across our samples of predominantly English-speaking countries we found that losing weight is the favorite New Year’s resolution for all countries. 


Each one of the seven countries we analyzed had search queries in the losing weight category. 

Top queries included:

“vanderbilt weight loss clinic” at +4 250% in the United States

“yoga for weight loss for beginners” at +4 200% in the United States.


The resolution to lose belly fat was of particular interest across several countries in this category and we discovered 10 different search terms demonstrating people’s desire to flatten their stomachs.

These search terms were:

  • best exercise to reduce belly fat
  • belly fat reduction exercise
  • how to reduce belly fat
  • how to lose belly fat
  • how to lose belly fat fast
  • best exercise to lose belly fat
  • how to lose lower belly fat
  • how to get rid of belly fat
  • stomach surgery for weight loss
  • how to get rid of lower stomach fat


What’s for dinner in 2022?


Eating differently or a change in diet was the second favorite resolution for 2022. The rising search queries in this category suggested that many people’s desire to change their diet was to aid weight loss. This wasn’t the only motivation however and many search queries showed an interest in a change in diet was also to alleviate other health concerns such as diabetes and allergies. Queries like “low fodmap diet”, “diabetes diet menu” and “cardiac diet” prove this.


A change to a keto diet was by far the popular choice for 2022. The number of rising search queries for terms containing “keto” was recorded at 15. Queries containing “fodmap” or “Mediterranean” tied for second with three search queries each.


Witness the fitness interest increase


The third most popular resolution was to improve physical fitness, with every country demonstrating an increase in search queries on exercise, fitness and working out. 


Beauty is still important this year


When it comes to beauty resolutions, new hair was the firm favorite. The number of rising search queries in this category were recorded at 42. People’s favorite way of changing their hair in 2022 was to change its color – search queries around color were more popular than hair cuts or styles. Searches on hair color trends in 2022 had a breakout search interest in both the Philippines and Canada with a 1 100% increase in the search term, “2022 hair color trends” for the Philippines.






1. The biggest focus in the Philippines was around hair, with nineteen search queries on how to change your hair in 2022. Eleven of these queries focused on new hair color ideas. There was a breakout interest in the search term, “2022 hair color trends” and a 1 100% increase in searches for “hair color 2022”.


2. The Filipinos also showed an interest in improving health by taking vitamins and supplements. The search term “mosegor vitamins” had an increase of 250% while “vitamins with zinc” had an increase in searches of 200%.


3. Interestingly and any other country, people from the Philippines seem to want to improve on their decision-making abilities unlike, this was demonstrated by the unusual search query “what are the factors that you considered in making your decision”. The term showed an increase of 170% during the December/January period.


4. But as with most countries we researched, the resolution to “lose weight” was strong and the search for “how to lose weight fast” showed an increase of 160%.




1. Losing weight and ridding the body of excess body fat has to be the number one resolution for Indians. Not only were there more queries around weight loss when searching terms related to weight and weight loss for India (17), but the country had search queries related to reducing belly and butt fat. Furthermore, the country showed a 2 050% search interest increase for the query “belly fat reduction exercise”.


Weight gain, however, was also a New Year’s resolution for some with a 70% and 60% increase in searches around “weight gain at home” and “weight gain for women” respectively.


2. A change in diet was another priority resolution for Indians with 13 different search queries on keto, paleo, and even diets for those with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).


3. India was one of the few countries for which quitting smoking was a resolution with a 110% increase in “how to quit smoking”.


4. Physical exercise and working out in 2022 is of utmost importance to Indians. There were six search queries around different types of workouts to shape and train the body – with the main interest around bicep, tricep and chest workouts.


5. Unlike most other countries (excluding the United States), India is more aware of their sleep cycles and wants to improve them. The country had three search terms around sleep improvement with a 100% increase in searches for “best direction to sleep”.




1. The top resolution for the Brits in 2022 is to change their diet. Search queries around diets, healthy recipes and eating plans were high and reached 29 in total. Queries around Michael Mosley’s weight loss diet plans increased by 1 050%. Searches around keto diets were also popular.


2. Exercise and workout searches were also high on the UK’s resolution list for 2022. Searches for gyms near Google users’ locations and new workouts were among the favorites.


3. Getting rid of belly fat seems to be a must-do for Brits in 2022. There was a breakout increase for the search terms “best exercise to lose belly fat” and “how to lose belly fat fast” as well as a 3 200% increase in searches for “how to lose lower belly fat”.


4. Keeping in line with the trend, the UK also leaned strongly to weight loss goals for 2022 with 24 search queries in that category. Top queries included the “best diet for weight loss” and “how many calories should I eat to lose weight”.




1. Just like the Brits, Canadians seem to be most concerned about their diets. However, where the Brits were more concerned about weight loss, Canadians’ change in diet seems to be driven by maintaining healthy body weights and habits as the majority of the search increases focused on diets like:


  • “low glycemic diet”, (where the focus is on slowly releasing sugars into the body)
  • “reverse diet” (where the aim is to steadily reintroduce calories into your diet after initially cutting them to lose weight)
  • “low fodmap diet” (a diet focused on relieving bloating and stomach pain)


2. Resistance training and training focused on defining specific parts of the body top the list when it comes to physical exercise resolutions for Canadians. Searches for “TRX workout” increased by 250%. TRX, Total Body Resistance Exercise, is a training method that uses body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength. Other searches were focused on workouts targeting the shoulders, abs and arms.


3. When it comes to beauty resolutions for 2022, hair was the most important focus. Canadians are most keen to stay trendy with hair colors for 2022 – there was a breakout increase for the query “hair color trends 2022”. Learning how to thicken and grow hair faster are also important beauty goals for Canadians as searches like “rice water for hair growth” and “hair loss treatment” revealed.


4. Meditating in 2022 is a more popular resolution for Canadians than most other countries as the country’s research inquiries showed increases for both morning, before sleep and “10-minute” meditations.




1. Weight loss was clearly the number one New Year’s Resolution in 2022 for the United States with 48 search queries in this category. This number of search queries is also more for this category than any other country.


2. US men are keener on looking after their skin this year than other nationalities as search terms such as “men’s skincare” and “skin care routine for men” had increases of 150% and 130%, respectively. No other country had these search terms.


3. People from the United States are also most keen on introducing a meditation practice into their daily lives in 2022 as the country had the most inquiries around meditation.


4. Improving sleep and reducing anxiety are also high priorities for people in the United States this year. Search terms related to better sleep predominantly focused on different sleep aids, ranging from eye masks to sleeping pills to sleep sprays.


5. The United States is also more resolute on fasting in 2022 and the United States had 11 search queries in this category. More creative searches in this category such as “dopamine fasting” had a breakout increase in interest over the December/January period.




1. Like the Brits, South Africans’ main resolution for 2022 is around changes in diet. The search term “plant-based diet” showed an increase of 450% during the December/January period.


2. Fasting was also a favorite, but for South Africans, fasting in 2022 took on a more spiritual approach as the search term “fasting and prayer” (which had an increase of 250%) demonstrated.




1. The top New Year’s resolution for Australia was hitting the gym in 2022 – most of the rising/increasing search queries were for local gyms in specific areas.


2. Like most other countries, diet and weight loss were also top goals for the new year. Search terms “how many steps a day to lose weight” and “best way to lose weight fast” had a breakout search increase over the December/January period.




The data collected from Google Trends represents searches from the seven above-mentioned countries and relates to the period from 1st December 2021 – 17th January 2022.  


By searching for identical terms related to health and wellness for each country we identified patterns of data and used them to collate the New Year’s Resolutions above.


For example, we’d search for the term “work out” and collate the rising queries (search queries that had an increase in searches ) during the specified period. This process would then be repeated for each country using the same search term, which in this example is “work out”. Depending on the type and number of rising search queries around terms like “work out” we were able to surmise the top New Year’s Resolutions for 2022.


The top New Year’s Resolutions were identified by the number of rising search queries related to that resolution in each country. 


Google defines ‘breakout’ search terms as those that have had ‘a tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.’