How To Wear Perfume In Summer

How To Wear Perfume In Summer
How To Wear Perfume In Summer
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It may seem as simple as a few sprays but there’s more to wearing perfume than you might think.  Don’t believe us? One look at Google searches reveals the global confusion we’re facing. There are on average 3,600 searches per month for ‘how to apply perfume’; that’s 43,200 look-ups per year! 

"There are 6,400 searches each month for ‘how long does perfume last’, while 5,900 people question ‘how to make a perfume last longer’ "

how to make a perfume last longer
how to make a perfume last longer

From how to apply to where to spray, one of the most popular perfume-related queries is around how to make a fragrance lastOn average, there are 6,400 searches each month for ‘how long does perfume last’, while 5,900 people question ‘how to make perfume last longer’. Collectively, that’s 147,600 searches every year!When the summer arrives, our perfume problems are amplified."

"Interest in long-lasting perfume reaches its peak in the summer months"

Since the start of 2022, there has been a 1,650% increase in searches for ‘top 10 long lasting perfumes for ladies’ globally.

In fact, interest in long-lasting perfume reaches its peak in the summer months, and our research has found it’s most popular in the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and Singapore.


1: The United Arab Emirates

2: Pakistan

3: Singapore

4: Nigeria

5: Philippines

6: New Zealand

7: Malaysia

8: India

9: South Africa

10: United Kingdom

So how can you make your perfume last longer this season?

Tajmeeli reveals all…

Why does my perfume not last in the summer?

If you’ve noticed your perfume isn’t smelling as strong now that the summer is here, you’re not alone! Believe it or not, the warm weather and effects of summer can make your fragrance weaker.

When the sun is out and the temperature is high, the alcohol in your perfume will evaporate from your skin more quickly. As it evaporates, the fragrance goes with it, which explains why your scent may seem less prominent in the summer.

Where you store your perfume could also play a part. Exposure to direct sunlight or humid conditions causes your fragrance to break down in the bottle, so you may be applying a weaker scent before you’ve even sprayed it!

How to make perfume last longer

So how can you make your fragrance keep its scent for longer during those long, hot summer days? We’ve rounded up some of the best tips:

1: Store your fragrance in a cool, dark place

As we’ve mentioned, perfume shouldn’t be stored in sunny or moisture-rich environments, so if you keep your fragrance in the bathroom or on a window ledge, it’s time to move it!

Instead, keep your perfume or aftershave in a cool, dark place, ensuring the temperature doesn’t get too hot. If you do live in an area with soaring summer temperatures, you may want to keep your fragrance in a cooler (not a fridge), which will keep it chilled but not cold. 

Doing so will prevent the breakdown of the fragrance and provide a welcome, refreshing spritz with every spray.

2: Moisturize your skin before you spray

Fragrance lasts longer on moisturized skin, as it gives the fragrance something to stick to so it is less likely to fade. 

Before you spritz, make sure you apply a light moisturizer to your wrists and neck. You can either apply an unscented moisturizer to avoid it conflicting with your fragrance’s scent or apply a lotion with the same scent as your fragrance. 

The latter is a good option during the summer as it will help to build up the scent, meaning it will take longer to wear off.

3: Don’t rub your wrists together

It’s instinct after applying fragrance to the wrists to rub them together to encourage the fragrance to dry quicker. However, you shouldn’t rub them together as it can wear down the top notes of the fragrance, which will again make the fragrance fade faster.

احصل على السعر المناسب لك لهذه العملية طلب عرض سعر

4: Leave to dry before dressing

If you are applying fragrance after showering, make sure you allow your perfume or aftershave to dry fully before dressing. Dressing while the scent is still wet could make it transfer onto your clothes rather than staying put on your skin.

allow your perfume or aftershave to dry fully before dressing
allow your perfume to dry fully before dressing

5: Switch your perfumes for summer

You may have a signature scent that you wear regularly but in summer, it might be time to switch it up. 

Firstly, pay attention to the type of fragrance you’re wearing. In terms of women’s fragrance, eau de toilette has a lighter fragrance than eau de parfum. The good news is that most fragrances are available in both eau de toilette and an eau de parfum, so you shouldn’t have to change your fragrance completely simply because it’s summer.

احصل على السعر المناسب لك لهذه العملية طلب عرض سعر

You should also consider the make-up of your perfume, paying particular attention to the base notes. Base notes are the stronger elements of a scent, so choose a perfume with more intense base notes to improve the scent’s longevity.

Hopefully, by following the above tips, you can maximize your perfume’s longevity this summer and beyond.


Google Trends findings are correct as of 28th June 2022 and based on worldwide search interest increase in 2022. Average number of searches per month globally as per Ahrefs data.


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