What Are The Most Popular Makeup Looks For Halloween 2022?

What Are The Most Popular Makeup Looks For Halloween 2022?
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What Are The Most Popular Makeup Looks For Halloween 2022?

Spooky season is upon us! It’s time to delve into that makeup bag and look as glam (or as ghoulish!) as possible. But which makeup looks are set to be most popular this year?

We have analyzed thousands of Google searches to reveal the makeup looks that are going to be most in demand this Halloween. Will we all be witches, zombies or vampires, or are we trying something less traditional this year? Read on to find out!

Americans are the biggest fans of getting dressed up for Halloween

On average, there are a staggering 1,944,000 searches for Halloween makeup globally each year! Although this is an average, we can assume that the bulk of these searches take place in September and October, given the seasonality of the topic.

According to our analysis, the largest proportion of these searches come from the USA - to the tune of 408,000 yearly searches! 

Following closely behind is the United Kingdom with 312,000 annual searches. 192,000 searches in India secures the country third place.

Top 15 Countries Most Interested in Halloween Makeup

Rank Country No. of Searches Globally (12 Months)
1 United States 408,000
2 United Kingdom 312,000
3 India 192,000
4 Germany 109,200
5 Philippines 64,800
6 Poland 55,200
7 Canada 52,800
8 Australia 52,800
9 Czech Republic 42,000
10 Denmark 39,600
11 Sweden 34,800
12 Belgium 33,600
13 Netherlands 32,400
14 Italy 31,200
15 France 28,800

People are looking for easy makeup tutorials and scary looks aren’t as popular as you may think!

When we think of Halloween, we think of crazy costumes and outlandish looks. However, our research reveals that most Halloween party goers simply want an easy makeup look to follow. 

As part of our research, we analyzed which types of Halloween makeup are most popular. Topping our table is searches for ‘easy Halloween makeup’, Googled an average of 276,000 times every year globally.

In second place with 156,000 searches is ‘simple Halloween makeup’. Even third place ‘Halloween eye makeup’ (111,600 yearly searches) suggests that party-goers are opting for a look that is more subtle than scary. 

In fact, despite Halloween being spooky season, there are just 96,000 searches per year for ‘scary Halloween makeup’ and 15,600 searches for ‘creepy Halloween makeup’. 

In contrast, searches for ‘cute Halloween makeup’, ‘pretty Halloween makeup’ and ‘sexy Halloween makeup’ all make the top 10 and rack up a total of 182,400 searches on average each year. Maybe scaring is off the agenda for 2022!

Most Popular Halloween Makeup Styles For 2022

Rank Type of Makeup No. of Searches Globally (12 Months)
1 Easy Halloween makeup 276,000
2 Simple Halloween makeup 156,000
3 Halloween eye makeup 111,600
4 Scary Halloween makeup 96,000
5 Cute Halloween makeup 87,600
6 Pretty Halloween makeup 60,000
7 Sexy Halloween makeup 34,800
8 Cool Halloween makeup 26,400
9 Half face Halloween makeup 25,200
10 Last minute Halloween makeup 24,000
11 Quick Halloween makeup 20,400
- Eyeliner Halloween makeup 20,400
13 Step by step easy Halloween makeup 18,000
14 Bloody Halloween makeup 15,600
- Men's Halloween makeup with beard 15,600
- Creepy Halloween makeup 15,600
17 Couple Halloween makeup 14,400
18 Subtle Halloween makeup 13,200
19 Glam Halloween makeup 12,000
20 Halloween makeup with covid mask 10,800

Cats, clowns and vampires will be the most common Halloween looks in 2022

Despite the popularity of glamorous Halloween looks, our research reveals that we’re still relying on traditional Halloween characters. 

Cat makeup is the most searched Halloween look, Googled 91,200 times globally in an average year. Mainly comprising a nose and whiskers, this look isn’t difficult to do, tying into the demand for simple and easy Halloween makeup.

In second place is clown makeup with 79,200 searches, and vampire makeup follows in third place (64,800).

Rank Makeup Look No. of Searches Globally (12 Months)
1 Cat 91,200
2 Clown 79,200
3 Vampire 64,800
4 Devil 56,400
5 Witch 52,800
6 Harley Quinn 46,800
7 Zombie 39,600
8 Doll 37,200
9 Joker 36,000
10 Skeleton 33,600
11 Spider 28,800
12 Angel 27,600
13 Sugar skull 25,200
14 It (Pennywise) 22,800
15 Chucky 21,600
16 Nun 20,400
- Skull 20,400
18 Pumpkin 19,200
- Pirate 19,200
20 Bunny 16,800
- Scarecrow 16,800
22 Bat 15,600
23 Leopard 14,400
- Demon 14,400
- Bride 14,400
26 Mermaid 14,400
- Purge 13,200
- Ghost 13,200
- Deer 12,000
- Minnie Mouse 12,000
- Elf 12,000
- Queen of Hearts 12,000
- Cheerleader 12,000

As demand for Halloween makeup for couples rises, Harley Quinn and The Joker will be a popular double act for 2022

Our research shows that there are 14,400 searches for ‘couple Halloween makeup’ yearly, suggesting more of us want to match our Halloween costumes with our partners. 

It’s interesting then to see that both Harley Quinn (46,800) and The Joker (36,000) feature in the top 10 Halloween makeup looks. Despite the most recent Joker movie being released in 2019, 2022 saw the announcement of the second installment Joker: Folie à Deux, which is due for release in 2024.

Although the film is still a way off, the announcement will no doubt inspire many duos to style themselves as this iconic double act this year.

Planning Halloween makeup is in full swing, as inspo searches surge

So far, we have looked at average yearly searches to predict which Halloween makeup looks will be most popular in 2022. However, Google Trends provides a glimpse of what’s trending right now - and the Halloween planning is already in full swing!

Between 28/08/2022 and 28/09/2022, searches for Halloween makeup ideas grew by 300%, while more general searches for Halloween makeup were up 150%. With still a month to go ‘til the main event, we’re already starting the preparations!

What’s your preferred Halloween look? Whether you keep it classic and scary or go for all out glamour, the good news is there are so many great tutorials out there that can help you perfect your look just in time for spooky season.


Number of searches is taken from Ahrefs and represents the average number of Google searches in a 12-month period.

Google Trends data shows the global increase in search interest between 28/08/2022 and 28/09/2022. 


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