US Favorite Beauty Brands By State

US Favorite Beauty Brands By State
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Every State's Favorite Beauty Brand Revealed

Most Popular Beauty Brands By State

As the birthplace of Hollywood glamor, it's only right that we Americans have an appreciation for all things beauty. 

In our latest research, we've dug into America's search history to uncover which beauty brands are the favorite in each US state. Which cosmetic brands will come out on top? Find out where your favorite ranks below:

And The Winner Is: Maybelline Is America's Best-Loved Beauty Brand woman applying makeup

While luxury makeup brands are aspirational, it's interesting to see affordable beauty brand Maybelline come out on top as the most in-demand makeup brand in the USA*.

The brand has the highest search interest score in nine states, the most of any other brand we analyzed. It was favorite in Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, New York, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin.

*When looking at favorite makeup brands state by state. Check out updated research by Tajmeeli which shows national results on favorite beauty brands across the globe.

Affordable Brands Reign Supreme

In fact, two other affordable cosmetic brands round out the top three. In second place is CoverGirl. The American-born brand is the go-to choice for beautification in Arkansas, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Oregon.

S coping third place is Revlon. Fans of the brand can be found in New York, Alaska, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Vermont.

New York, New York: America's Beauty Capital

woman smiling at makeup

You may have noticed New York has featured multiple times so far - that's no error! Our data reveals that New York is the beauty capital of America. Looking at search interest alone, New York had 16 beauty brands tied for first place.

While America's overall favorite beauty brand may be more affordable, it's a different story in New York, as luxury brands take precedence. With brands like Dior, Lancôme and Urban Decay all vying for New Yorkers' attention, it seems city residents are willing to splash the cash to look good.

America's Top 3 Favorite Beauty Brands by State

We know which brands are America's overall favorites but which brands make the top three in each state? Find out in the table below:

From premium beauty brands to cost-effective cosmetics, it's clear that Americans take pride in looking good. Did your favorite make the cut?


Using Google Trends, we analyzed the online search interest in a selection of cosmetics companies in each US state. Search interest is scored out of 100, where 100 is the peak. The brands with the highest search interest score were selected as the overall favorite for that state.


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