The Most Popular Skincare Ingredients According to Google

The Most Popular Skincare Ingredients According to Google
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When there’s a new wonder skincare product on the market, what’s the first thing you do? You whip out your smartphone and start Googling the ingredients of course! After all, you want to know exactly what’s in it and how it can benefit your skin.

When there’s a new wonder skincare product on the market, what’s the first thing you do? You whip out your smartphone and start Googling the ingredients of course! After all, you want to know exactly what’s in it and how it can benefit your skin.

This got us thinking; could our Google searches reveal the ingredients we look for the most in our skincare products? We’ve analyzed Google searches for over 200 different ingredients to reveal which ones are our favorites, and those that we’re most intrigued by!

Of course, not every search relates to skincare. To make sure our rankings aren’t skewed, we based our research on searches that include ‘for skin’ for each ingredient.

The Most Popular Skincare Ingredients According to Google

The Top 50 Most Popular Skincare Ingredients

The table below shows the top 50 most searched for skincare ingredients globally each month:

Coconut Oil 43,000
Vitamin E 31,000
Lactic Acid 24,000
Collagen 23,000
Retinol 22,000
Hyaluronic Acid 21,000
Glycerin 20,000
Vitamin C 20,000
Olive Oil 19,000
Almond Oil 17,000
Salicylic Acid 17,000
Tea Tree Oil 14,000
Grapeseed Oil 13,000
Aloe Vera 12,000
Niacinamide 12,000
Tranexamic Acid 12,000
Castor Oil 11,000
Apple Cider Vinegar 9,800
Shea Butter 9,800
Avocado Oil 7,200
Ceramides 7,000
Argan Oil 6,900
Vitamin A 6,900
Glycolic Acid 6,700
Turmeric 6,300
Neem Oil 5,800
Stearic Acid 5,300
Honey 5,200
Vitamin B3 5,200
Propylene Glycol 4,700
Sunflower Oil 4,700
Allantoin 4,500
Green Tea 4,500
Lavender Oil 4,100
Dimethicone 3,900
Cetearyl Alcohol 3,700
Snail Mucin 3,600
Baking Soda 3,500
Zinc 3,300
Antioxidants 3,200
Resveratrol 3,200
Rosehip Oil 3,200
Citric Acid 2,800
Evening Primrose Oil 2,800
Licorice Extract 2,700
Phenoxyethanol 2,700
Panthenol 2,600
Biotin 2,500
Pycnogenol 2,500
Mineral Oil 2,400

احصل على السعر المناسب لك لهذه العملية طلب عرض سعر

Coconut oil tops our list of the most popular skincare ingredients

Coconut oil
Coconut oil

Searched a whopping 43,000 times every month globally, coconut oil tops our list of the most in-demand skincare ingredients. Over the course of a year, that’s a staggering 516,000 searches!

When you look at the benefits coconut oil can offer skin, it’s easy to see why it tops our list! Not only does it hydrate and protect skin, it’s also claimed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce redness. No wonder it’s such a sought after ingredient in our skincare routine!

However, despite it topping our list, some of us are still unsure of the benefits the ingredient can bring. Every month, there are 11,000 searches for ‘is coconut oil good for your skin?’, while 9,100 people look up ‘benefits of coconut oil on skin’. This suggests that although the ingredient is in our skincare, we’re not too sure what it does!

Vitamin E takes second place, with creams, oils and serums our go-to products

Following behind coconut oil, vitamin E takes second place with 31,000 monthly global searches. That’s 372,000 searches over the course of the year!

In terms of the most popular vitamin E skincare products, vitamin E cream is way out in front, with 34,000 monthly searches. Vitamin E oil (21,000 monthly searches) is in second place, followed by vitamin E serum with 9,700 searches per month respectively. 

Even though these products are in such high demand, people still question ‘vitamin E benefits for skin’ 11,000 times a month. 

Clearly, we’re doing our research before we invest - and given the number of searches for specific vitamin E products, we seem to like the benefits the ingredient offers! Reported to soften skin and protect against damage and moisture loss, there’s no reason not to like it!

Lesser known lactic acid rounds out the top three most popular skincare ingredients

While coconut oil and vitamin E are well-marketed skincare ingredients, a lesser known ingredient takes third place. Lactic acid racks up 24,000 monthly searches globally, but what benefits does the ingredient actually bring?

Lactic acid is often found in exfoliation products. It reportedly helps to remove dead skin cells, helping skin appear smoother and more youthful in appearance. 

Interestingly, there are no lactic acid product-specific searches in our top 30 product search findings. This suggests that people are maybe spotting the ingredient on the packaging of their skincare and are Googling it to find out more.

Calamine lotion, vitamin C serum and hydrocortisone cream are the most sought-after skincare products

vitamin C serum
vitamin C serum

Now we know which ingredients are our favorites, how do we like to incorporate them into our skincare routine? The table below shows the most searched for skincare products containing the ingredients we analyzed, so you can see which types of products we prefer:

Most popular product types based on ingredients analyzed

Calamine lotion 318,000
Vitamin C serum 310,000
Hydrocortisone cream 306,000
Tretinoin cream 233,000
Retinol cream 147,000
Retinol serum 136,000
Hyaluronic acid serum 107,000
Niacinamide serum 97,000
Salicylic acid face wash 79,000
Hydroquinone cream 74,000
Green tea cleansing mask 51,000
Silver sulfadiazine cream 43,000
Vitamin E cream 34,000
Benzoyl peroxide face wash 32,000
Nizoral cream 31,000
Green tea mask 30,000
Lanolin cream 29,000
CBD cream 29,000
Salicylic acid cream 29,000
Benzoyl peroxide wash 28,000
Zinc oxide cream 28,000
Kojic acid cream 26,000
Charcoal face wash 26,000
Retinol eye cream 24,000
Collagen cream 24,000
Benzoyl peroxide cream 22,000
Cocoa butter lotion 20,000
Hibiscus and honey firming cream 20,000
CBD lotion 19,000
Vitamin C cream 19,000

‘Best vitamin C serum’ is the most searched skincare question globally

vitamin C serum
vitamin C serum

As part of our research, we also tracked the most popular questions for each of the ingredients we analyzed. 

There are a staggering 99,000 searches each month for ‘best vitamin C serum’, totalling over 1.1 million look-ups over the course of a year! This makes it the most asked ingredient-specific skincare question, highlighting the huge demand for this type of product. 

In second place is ‘best retinol serum’ with 32,000 monthly searches (384,000 yearly), while ‘calamine lotion uses’ trails in third place with 24,000 searches each month (288,000 yearly).

10 Most popular skincare queries based on global monthly Google searches for ingredients analyzed

Best vitamin C serum 99,000
Best retinol serum 32,000
Calamine lotion uses 24,000
Turmeric benefits for skin 23,000
Vitamin C serum benefits 22,000
Best retinol cream 22,000
Benefits of aloe vera on skin 20,000
Best hyaluronic acid serum 19,000
Tretinoin cream uses 15,000
Best vitamin C serum for face 15,000

Our research may show which ingredients are the most in demand globally, but which ones do you have in your beauty bag? 

We all have our go-to products and preferred ingredients, and what works for you may not work for the next person. Perfecting your skincare routine is all about figuring out what your skin needs and selecting the most suitable products. Only then can you truly look and feel your best.


Using Byrdie’s skincare ingredient glossary as a reference, we analyzed Google searches for 212 different ingredients to find out which ones were searched the most often globally each month. 

Our rankings are based on searches for the ingredient name + ‘for skin’. For example, ‘Aloe Vera for skin’. 

Our list of the most popular product types is based on generic product searches based on the ingredients analyzed, with brand searches omitted. Most popular skincare queries are also based on the ingredients analyzed.


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