Summer 2022 Nail Trends According to TikTok

Summer 2022 Nail Trends According to TikTok
Summer 2022 Nail Trends According to TikTok
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Summer 2022 Nail Trends According to TikTok

You have the outfit, you’ve got the shoes - what’s missing? Yes, nothing completes your summer look quite like a fresh manicure and pedicure.

From a classic french manicure to detailed nail art, the new season brings with it a wealth of opportunities to experiment with different colors, patterns and styles - but where do you start?

To find out what’s hot for summer 2022, we analyzed TikTok videos tagged with #SummerNails2022 to reveal what is set to be the must-have nail trends of the season ahead. Read on for some inspiration ahead of your next trip to the beauty salon.

TikTok is the go-to place to find nail inspo

Since the video sharing platform exploded in popularity, TikTok has quickly become the place to find the latest trends for pretty much everything - and it’s no different for nail art. 

In fact, summer nail art has racked up a whopping 376,797,600 views across just six summer nail hashtags on the platform. What’s more, #SummerNails2022 has already amassed 4.3 million views, as TikTokers plan for the season ahead.

Most Viewed Summer Nail Hashtags on TikTok

Neon red is the must-have nail color for summer 2022

Of all the #SummerNails2022 videos we analyzed, this video by TikTok user nails_lab_cristina has racked the second highest number of views so far - which is pretty impressive when you consider the simplicity of the block color design.

With a whopping 1,000,000 views and 51,200 likes, we’re predicting the sleek neon red shade will be the must-have nail color for summer. Users flooded the comments to find out which nail polish it was; the exact shade is Aria by HONA, which is described as a highly pigmented neon red gel paint.

Bold ombre, bright colors and pretty pastels will see you through the season

Other color trends can also be found throughout the videos we analyzed. Bright colors - such as electric blue and neon shades - are set to be huge this summer. If you prefer a more subtle design, don’t worry; pastel shades also featured heavily throughout our analysis.

Must-Have Nail color Trends for Summer 2022

 - Neon red

-  Bright colors (electric blue, vivid orange and pink ombre and neon nail art)

- Pastel colors (pale blue, soft pink and mint green)

-  Nude shades (keep it simple with nail art accents)

French tips reign supreme, but not as you know them 

There’s nothing quite like a classic French manicure; simple and sophisticated. Yet for summer 2022, it’s time to rip up the rule book and get creative!

The most watched summer nails video with 1,100,000 views is from imjessgraham and features a whole host of twists on the classic mani, from cute pastel tips to double tips and co-ordinating cuticle decals. 

Considering the video’s 91,000 likes, it’s fair to suggest nail technicians will be asked for this style a lot over the next few months!

70s, 80s and 90s prints should inspire your next nail appointment

While we may be looking ahead to summer ‘22, we’re taking inspiration from decades gone by. 70s-inspired swirls are a huge trend from our TikTok analysis. In fact, of the 10 most watched videos tagged #SummerNails2022, six of them feature swirl designs, either covering the full nail or as a swirl tip. 

Bold, bright colors and color-clashing is reminiscent of the 1980s. The fourth most viewed video, from TikToker christyratcliffl, features a pink and orange ombre which is giving all the Club Tropicana vibes, while nailsbycaselyn’s neon zebra nails capture the boldness of the decade.

And of course, the 90s are well-represented in this summer’s trending nail art, with checkerboards, cherries and even smiley faces all featuring. Ditsy florals are perhaps the most dominant 90s-inspired nail art trend, featuring in 50% of the videos analyzed.

Must-Have Nail Art Trends for Summer 2022

 - Ditsy florals

 -  Swirls & swirl tips

 -  Palm trees

 -  Checkerboards

 -  Polka dots

Don’t stop at nail art

Summer nail art doesn’t stop at patterns though; prepare to take it to the next level this season. Natalia_nicholson’s rainbow metallic jewel nails have racked up 49,100 views and 5,555 as we prepare our summer style, with other TikTokers demanding a tutorial so they can recreate the look for themselves.

In other videos, nail piercings, 3D flowers with nail jewels and bubble texture nails all feature. If you find it hard enough to decide on a color and pattern, it’s just got a whole lot trickier to decide on your summer nail style!

French tips, pink and ombre nails are our overall summer favorites

Of course, some trends emerge season after season. Using our analysis of the styles tipped to be big for summer 2022, we’ve looked at the overall popularity of each style to see which styles we like best.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the French manicure takes top spot, thanks to its simple and sophisticated versatility. In second place is pink nails; both pastel and bright shades work well for summer. 

Rounding out the top three is ombre nails; combine bright colors for a style that’s perfect for the warmer weather.

The Top 20 Summer 2022 Nail Inspo Videos on TikTok

With plenty of inspiration, which nail art trend will you go for for summer 2022?


Tajmeeli selected the 20 most viewed videos tagged with #SummerNails2022 on TikTok. Total views and likes were combined to create an overall ranking of the most popular summer nail trend videos.

Tajmeeli analyzed the content of the videos to predict which colors and nail art trends are set to be most popular this summer. TikTok view data was collected for each trend to gauge overall popularity.


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