Liposuction in Jeddah

Liposuction in Jeddah
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 Liposuction in Jeddah


The popularity of liposuction in Jeddah has increased drastically in the last few years due to its important uses in the cosmetic and medical fields. The objective of the procedure is to remove fat from certain areas of the body, improving the appearance and contributing to weight loss. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the forefront of this field due to the advancements made in medical and cosmetic techniques. In the following article, you will learn more about the costs and advantages of liposuction in Jeddah.

 About Jeddah

The City of Jeddah is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea and has a population of around 4 million. Arabic is the official language and the official currency is the Saudi riyal. 

About the Procedure

There are several techniques employed by liposuction clinics in Jeddah such as:

1- Tumescent liposuction

This is the most common method of liposuction. During this procedure, fluid is injected under the skin and the fat is then suctioned out through a tube. This is performed under local anesthesia.

2- Super-wet liposuction

In this variation less fluid is used than in the previous technique, but the same amount of fat is removed.

3- Wet liposuction

In this procedure, much less fluid is used. Less fluid is used than fat is removed. The fluid’s use is to lubricate the fat cells, aiding the liposuction process.

4- Ultrasound-assisted liposuction

In this technique, ultrasound is used in conjunction with the liposuction tube to break up and dissolve the fat, facilitating the liposuction process.

About liposuction

Laser Liposuction in Jeddah

Laser liposuction is the newest and most popular liposuction method currently used in the field being both completely safe and the ideal choice for tightening and sculpting the body. Unlike other liposuction techniques which may require the patient to have a post-operative skin tightening treatment, this method ensures that fat does not return, and no postoperative treatment is needed. During the procedure, a very small incision is made in the skin and tubes containing optical fibers are inserted. The laser works also to shrink the collagen under the skin, helping to tighten it and prevent sagging.


The Best Liposuction Doctors in Jeddah

Jeddah has a great many specialized medical centers for plastic surgery, many of which focus on liposuction. At the forefront of these centers are the skilled and experienced Saudi and Arab doctors. We highly recommend that you search online for the best liposuction doctors in Jeddah for you.


The Best Liposuction Clinics in Jeddah

Clinics in Jeddah have a wide range of doctors, practitioners, and nurses who operate at the highest level of competence. Among the most famous cosmetic clinics in Jeddah are:

1- Kaya Skin Clinic

This is a center that has branches all over the world. It has a variety of specializations, the most important of which is liposuction.

2- Doctors Professionals Center

This is an integrated cosmetic institution that includes many clinics for hair care, dental care, liposuction, and fat injection.


Liposuction prices in Jeddah

The price of liposuction procedures vary depending on the desired area of the body targeted. The prices are determined by the doctor according to the situation of the patient. In Jeddah, for example, this can range from 5600 to 22500 Saudi riyals.

Liposuction prices in Jeddah


Jeddah is considered only moderately expensive when compared to other cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Average apartment rents range from 1500 to 3000 Saudi riyals. Additionally, there are many cost-effective hotels in the city. The cost of food is very reasonable relative to its quality. Since Jeddah is a tourist attraction located on the Red Sea, there are many luxury and high-end neighborhoods in Jeddah which are known for their calm, elegant, natural beauty. It is possible to get a high-end luxury apartment or villa at a more substantial price, or you can rent a room or suite in one of the international and luxury hotels of which there are increasingly more of.



Public buses are the least expensive mode of transport in Jeddah. There are buses for traveling across the city as well as buses transporting people from Jeddah to other cities in the Kingdom. Taxis can be called over the phone. If you are a lover of luxury, you may, for a larger sum, rent a limousine from the airport to your destination.


Tourism in Jeddah

Jeddah has an abundance of tourist attractions such as King Fahd’s Fountain, which is the tallest fountain in the world, and the Floating Mosque. The city has historically held a prime economic and touristic position as the gateway to the Two Holy Mosques from the Red Sea. The aquarium also has a walk-through tank where visitors can watch as fish pass within feet of them. In the last few years Jeddah has been the site of many advancements in cosmetic procedures, most notably in liposuction.


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