Attract Arab Cosmetic Surgery Clients

Attract Arab Cosmetic Surgery Clients
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Oct 24, 2021

Advertise with Tajmeeli – Start Attracting More Arab Customers

Why Tajmeeli

Tajmeeli is dedicated to helping Arabs navigate the world of cosmetic surgery and its alternatives. Our audience looks to us to help them make educated decisions about their beauty. If you have a great product or service that would appeal to Arabs interested in looking their best, can help you have success with this demographic.

Why Advertise on Tajmeeli in a few points:

  • Ability to target specific audiences and interests
  • Majority of our visitors from wealthy gulf countries
  • Access to a market few websites are targeting
  • Attract High Net Worth Arabs who tend to refer friends and family

Get in front of millions of Arabs interested in cosmetic procedures and products

Tajmeeli traffic

Key Facts about our Audience:

70% of  our traffic is above 25 years of age

Given that in many countries in the region more than half the population is under 25 years of age Tajmeeli can get your offering in front of an older demographic with the means to make a purchasing decision.

100% of our audience are Arabic speakers

Tajmeeli doesn’t try to be everything to everyone, we help Arabs navigate the world cosmetic surgery and its alternatives.

59% Gulf Arab traffic

Many Arabs from the Gulf tend to have the means to spend significant amounts of money improving their image. Since many of our visitors are considering cosmetic procedures even the ones not from gulf countries are making a conscious decision to invest in their beauty.

More than 50% of our traffic is from a Mobile Apple Device Like the iPhone or an iPad

In one study iPhone users were found to be 67% more likely to make $200K or more a year compared to Android users.

12% of our Arab users are accessing the website from outside an Arab Country

Some of these Arabs are traveling abroad and interested in Cosmetic Options in the places they travel.

Mobile is the #1 screen of our audience

Our visitors prefer mobile so we designed our website so users can have a great experience regardless of their mobile device.

We speak to both women looking to improve their beauty and men seeking to improve their looks.

2/3rds of our audience is female is 1/3rd is male


Why Doctors and Cosmetic Surgery Clinics Should Advertise

  • Referrals – Arabs tend to refer more friends and family than other nationalities.
  • Loyalty – Arabs who’ve had a good experience tend to be more loyal to business they dealt with before
  • Arabs pay cash
  • Arabs often return for additional procedures
  • Many Arabs have fewer options at home for medical treatment

Why Beauty Brands Should Advertise With Us

  • Recent data published by a shipping forwarder reveals that the top product category for Ecommerce goods shipped from US to the Middle East was beauty and cosmetic products
  • Many cosmetic brands are not available in the Middle East but Arabs will go out of their way to buy these products abroad
  • Arabs tend to be more loyal to brands they use
  • Average order values on Ecommerce websites in the wealthy Gulf Countries tend to be very high due to the fact that Arabs often order products for multiple family members at the same time to save on shipping
  • Middle Easterner tourist have been shown to have the highest average spend when shopping abroad compared to other tourists

Local Cosmetic Clinics and MediSpas in the Middle East

If you’re looking to get repeat visitors and get in front of Arabic speakers in your area that that would be interested in your services can help.

Contact us for some special offers we have for Local  MediSpas

Multiple Advertising Options

  • Site wide banner ads
  • Featured Doctor Profiles
  • Targeted Section Ads
  • Email list advertising
  • In content ads
  • Mobile friendly
  • Engage with our audience across many devices
  • Send promotions and offers to our audience for quick responses
  • Advertorials
  • Interviews
  • Have us send you questions from patients interested in your services

Contact us to discover more about how Tajmeeli can help you:

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