Revealed: The Most Popular Summer Beauty Questions

Revealed: The Most Popular Summer Beauty Questions
Top 5 Most Google Summer Beauty Questions (1)
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May 11, 2022

Revealed: The Most Popular Summer Beauty Questions

Whether we’re going on vacation or swapping our jeans and jumpers for skirts and dresses, we all want to look and feel our best come summertime. 

While many of us have our go-to beauty regimes, sometimes we need a little help to maintain our summer looks. Enter Google, the go-to place for beauty advice for many.

Tajmeeli has analysed global summer beauty-related searches to find out which are the most popular. We’ve answered some of the most asked ones too, so you can get your fix of beauty info in one place.

The 10 Most Googled Summer Beauty Questions Globally

Based on the increase in search interest in summer 2021 according to Google Trends.

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Japanese people suffer from heatstroke in summer, as searches for ‘夏バテ 治し 方 (How to heal sunstroke)’ soar by 1,200%.

Topping the list of most popular summer beauty queries is ‘夏バテ 治し 方’, which loosely translates as ‘How to heal sunstroke’. With temperatures in Japan known to hit 30℃ or higher, it’s not surprising then that some residents suffer from sunstroke, or heatstroke as it’s also known.

Heat exhaustion occurs when your body is unable to regulate your body temperature in hot or humid environments. If left untreated, heat exhaustion can lead to heatstroke, which is a much more serious condition.

If you do have symptoms of heatstroke, you should always seek medical advice immediately. There are, however, steps you can take to prevent getting heat exhaustion and therefore heatstroke.

During extremely hot days, drink plenty of cool drinks, take cool baths or showers, wear loose-fitting, light clothing and avoid the sun during the hottest points of the day. Avoid doing strenuous exercise during this period too.

Sunburn plagues people around the world as searches for ‘what to put on popped sunburn blisters’ rise 900% in the summer.

Blisters can form if you’re badly sunburnt. Looking at the 900% rise in searches for ‘what to put on popped sunburn blisters’, it seems many of us are forgetting about the SPF and suffering in the summer as a result.

It’s recommended that you don’t pick or burst blisters and instead let them heal naturally. However, if your blisters do burst either on their own or by accident, you may want to gently clean the blister with mild soap and water. Don’t peel the skin on top of the blister and instead cover it with a sterile dressing. Seek medical advice if your blisters show any signs of infection.

Sunbathers in Russia are interested in the tanning properties of coconut oil.

Searches for ‘кокосовое масло для загара’ (coconut oil for tanning) increased by 850% in summer 2021, suggesting people in Russia were exploring how they can maximise their tan.

While some sites suggest using coconut oil can help you get a quicker and darker tan, it’s not advised to use coconut oil on your skin while you sunbathe. This is because it offers little sun protection which can lead to sunburn and long-term skin damage.

America’s Most Popular Summer Beauty Questions

Which beauty questions do Americans Google most in the summertime?

[table id=44 /]

Outside of popping sunburn blisters, symptoms of heatstroke is the most popular summer health query in the USA.

With searches for ‘signs of heatstroke in humans’ soaring by 3,950% in the summer, heatstroke seems to be a common ailment in America. 

Common symptoms of heatstroke are:

-High body temperature (over 103°F or 39°C)

-Hot, red, dry or damp skin

-Fast pulse


-Dizziness and confusion


-Passing out

Americans have a good attitude to sun protection, with three of the most popular summer beauty questions relating to SPF.

As the summer sun gets warmer, America’s SPF-related searches peak. Searches for ‘what does the SPF number mean?’ and ‘Does SPF 100 work? both increase by 350%, while ‘is higher SPF better?’ jump 250%.

The SPF number tells you how long it would take you to burn while wearing the sun protection product versus how long it would take without any sunscreen at all. For example, SPF20 would take 20 times longer for your skin to redden if applied as directed.

SPF100 blocks 99% of the sun’s rays, so it’s often a popular choice with those who are most sensitive to the sun. Generally speaking, a higher SPF offers more protection against the sun’s rays, but you should carefully consider the benefits of your chosen product rather than basing it on SPF alone.

The UK’s Most Popular Summer Beauty Questions

Interest in the below searches soar when the sun comes out in the UK:

[table id=45 /]

Tanning is the main priority of people in the UK, whether real or fake!

Everybody knows that British weather is unpredictable however, people in the UK aren’t going to let that spoil their tan! 

The majority of the most popular summer beauty questions are about tanning. When the sun is out, people in the UK make the most of it, with searches for ‘does coconut oil help you tan?’ up 1,800% during the summer. 

However, cloud and rain don’t stop UK people from looking their bronzed best either. Searches for ‘how to prepare for spray tan’ and ‘does fake tan come off in chlorine?’ increase 1,800% and 1,350% respectively.

The good news is that chlorine doesn’t actually strip off a spray tan, although it does fade it. While your spray tan may not last quite as long once you’ve been in the pool, you can still enjoy a summer glow. 

If you are going for a spray tan this summer, make sure you wax or shave in advance, buff away any dry skin and moisturise thoroughly the day before. 

Tanning naturally doesn’t always go to plan, with a 700% rise in how to get rid of sunburn queries!

Making the most of the sunshine doesn’t always lead to an even, all-over tan, as the 1,900% surge in searches for ‘fake tan over sunburn’ and 700% jump in ‘how to get sunburn to go away fast’ proves.

If you do get mild sunburn, you can usually apply fake tan to disguise any redness. However, the colour may be uneven and you may find it irritates your sunburn. If your skin is blistered or your sunburn is extremely sore, it’s wise to avoid using fake tan until your sunburn is gone.

Sunburn will always take a little while to heal, but you can help speed up the recovery process. Once you’ve got sunburn, stay out of the sun, moisturise the affected area with an aloe vera or soy lotion, take cool baths to soothe the pain and stay hydrated.

From the UK to the USA, people across every country have their own summer beauty queries. With a little help from Google, we’re finding the advice we need to look and feel great this summer. 


Data is representative of summer searches between 1st May 2021 - 30th September 2021. It was collected from Google Trends for global searches, as well as specific UK and US searches.

Percentage increases show the growth in search demand for that query during the period.


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