Gastric Sleeve Demand Highest Ever – Cities with Most Interest – New Data

Gastric Sleeve Demand Increase

Interest in Gastric sleeve procedures increased to its highest level ever this summer as many cities across the U.S. opened up.

According to trends data compiled and analyzed by beauty research website Tajmeeli, Google searches for gastric sleeve surgery in the U.S. are at their highest level – with an unmistakable giant leap in interest since the start of Covid-19. The Google trends graph above illustrates the unprecedented jump in demand above pre-pandemic highs, the June 2021 interest of 100 was 35% higher than the June 2019 interest level of 65.

One of the newer weight loss procedures for treating severe obesity, gastric sleeve surgery involves removing a large section of your stomach and putting the remaining portions together to form a new “sleeve” stomach the size of a banana. Those undergoing this calorie restricting surgery can expect to drop 60-70 percent of their excess weight.

Gastric Sleeve Journeys


Investigating the reasons why gastric sleeve surgery has exploded in popularity, we looked at various factors: 

-Which U.S. cities ranked the highest in terms of searches for gastric sleeve surgery

-Obesity rates per city

-Which cities offer the most and least affordable options for sleeve gastrectomy surgery


Table of Contents

1. City Rankings

2. Highlights and Lowlights

3. What Experts Are Saying

4 Instagram Searches #gastricsleeve

5. About the Data

City Rankings


See how each U.S. city fared in our rankings:

We ranked the most popular cities in terms of gastric sleeve surgery searches from highest (number 1) to lowest (no 55).

RankCityGoogle Interest
Level (1-100)
PopulationAdult Obesity
Minimum Cost of
Gastric Sleeve
Maximum Cost of
Gastric Sleeve
1Birmingham, AL1001,149,00032%$9,000$15,000
2Fort Worth, TX86874,40135%$9,000$12,000
3Bakersfield, CA84377,91730.80%$6,800$14,900
4Arlington, VA78236,84217.50%$8,500$13,000
5Memphis, TN75651,93232%$9,000$16,800
6Jackson, MS74166,38333.80%$9,500$12,500
7Houston, TX742,310,00033%$12,000$16,000
8Plano, TX71287,06426.50%$9,500$12,000
9Jacksonville, FL69890,46731.90%$7,000$12,500
10Las Vegas, NV69634,77326%$10,900$15,500
11New Orleans, LA68390,84535%$11,300$16,800
12Dallas, TX681,331,00029.20%$9,000$12,000
13San Antonio, TX651,508,00029.00%$9,900$13,000
14Nashville, TN63692,58724.70%$9,600$17,000
15Albuquerque, NM62559,37428.50%$9,500$15,000
16Yonkers, NY60199,96833.20%$9,500$14,900
17Oklahoma City, OK59643,69229.50%$9,000$11,800
18Newark, NJ59281,05434%$9,500$18,000
19Aurora, CO58369,11132.70%$9,300$11,800
20Fresno, CA56525,01028.50%$8,000$12,000
21Virginia Beach, VA54450,20131.90%$11,900$16,600
22Louisville, KY50617,79031.60%$9,500$16,000
23Detroit, MI50674,84130.80%$10,500$18,400
24Tucson, AZ47541,48226.60%$6,300$17,200
25New York, NY478,419,00027.10%$14,900$19,000
26Austin, TX45950,80733.70%$8,500$13,400
27Baltimore, MD45609,03233.60%$9,400$14,900
28Hialeah, FL44234,53927%$8,000$11,000
29Charlotte, NC44857,42529.70%$8,000$9,700
30Miami, FL43454,27921%$9,700$11,000
31Philadelphia, PA481,579,00031.90%$13,000$15,000
32Kansas City, MS42486,40431.30%$9,600$16,000
33Cincinnati, OH39301,39433%$9,000$14,900
34Phoenix, AZ381,633,00029.50%$9,900$11,400
35Atlanta, GA37488,80032.50%$10,000$14,500
36Indianapolis, IN37864,44735%$11,900$13,000
37Sacramento, CA36500,93026.90%$9,800$15,000
38Raleigh, NC33464,48532.30%$9,300$13,900
39Columbus, OH33878,55331.50%$10,000$14,500
40Boston, MA33684,37922%$12,500$24,000
41Omaha, NE32475,86234%$9,000$16,500
42Tampa, FL32387,91628%$11,500$16,600
43San Diego, CA311,410,00026%$14,900$18,000
44Los Angeles, CA313,967,00021.30%$9,300$15,000
45Orlando, FL29280,83228.40%$10,000$16,300
46Washington D.C.307,615,00029%$20,700$25,000
47St. Louis, MO28308,17428%$9,300$11,000
48Chicago, IL262,710,00031.80%$14,500$17,600
49Milwaukee, WI24594,54837.20%$9,300$14,900
50San Jose, CA231,028,00021%$7,900$11,600
51Denver, CO22705,57623%$9,600$11,800
52Portland, OR21645,29120.10%$9,300$16,300
53Seattle, WA21724,30522.40%$7,000$15,000
54Minneapolis, MN19420,32424%$9,300$11,000
55San Francisco, CA15874,96115.20%$9,500$14,900


Gastric Sleeve City Highlights




Highlights and Lowlights


The South Tops Geographic List For Gastric Sleeve Searches

The South is known for its culture, history, and of course, traditional calorie-dense Southern dishes. Lovers of fried chicken, pimento cheese, pit barbecues, mac and cheese, bread pudding, and okra, cuisine in the South is distinguished in many ways from other areas of the United States.

We discovered that one big thing the South seems to maintain is interest in surgical weight loss options. In fact, a whopping 12 of the top 20 cities that search the most for Gastric Surgery procedures fall in the South.


Texas Cities See the Most Interest in Gastric Sleeve Nationwide

In Texas, about one in three residents is obese. In light of that it no surprise that Texas had 5 cities that ranked in the top 15 cities with the most demand for Gastric Sleeve procedures. Fort Worth Texas, with an obesity rate of 35%, came in second place nationwide for interest in the calorie restricting procedure. Houston, Plano, Dallas, and San Antonio also were in the top 15.


Younger Demographic Cities Had Less Demand

Trendier cities with younger demographics tend to have lower obesity rates, ranging between 15% to 24%. Cities like San Fransico, Seattle, and Portland all had relatively low interest in Gastric Sleeve compared to the other cities on the list.

Differences in obesity rates between these cities and other cities could exist for a number of reasons. The younger generation may seek better health care, be more mindful of nutrition, and care more about healthy food than previous generations.

Instead of focusing solely on low-fat or low-calorie foods, this generation takes a more holistic approach to health and prefers foods that are less processed and have fewer artificial additives.


Obesity in the U.S.

It’s no secret that obesity has become a public health crisis in the U.S.

Obesity causes about 1 in 5 deaths in the U.S. each year.


 Demand Peak Coincides with Gastric Sleeve Patient Diabetes Remission Findings

In the United States, interest in Gastric Sleeve peaked in June 2021. Interestingly, this peak coincided with a new study presented during the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS).

 The study found that patients were 45% more likely to be in remission of their type 2 diabetes (which puts one at a higher risk of being hospitalized for Covid-19) two years after either gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy.


Primary Cost Factors For Gastric Sleeve Surgery

 The cost of gastric sleeve surgery varies greatly depending on the city in which it is performed.

 Three key factors influence the price of gastric sleeve surgery:

-The facility’s location

-The facility’s and its employees’ reputations.

-The surgeon’s qualifications and expertise, as well as their success record.

Because of the level of the economy and the income of local inhabitants, and the lesser fees that are frequently given to doctors in various nations, the cost of gastric sleeve surgery differs by country.


The Link Between Covid-19 & Obesity

 Obesity may be one of the pre-existing disorders related to death from Covid-19. 

 According to research, Obesity proved to be a previously unknown risk for hospital and intensive care unit (ICU) admission in COVID-19-positive individuals in New York.  

 Obesity is both a metabolic and an attenuated inflammatory condition that can restrict the immune system’s ability to respond appropriately to a stimulus. Furthermore, it has an effect on lung mechanics, which raises the risk of respiratory problems.

Even if the direct effects of Obesity on COVID-19 patients’ prognosis have yet to be demonstrated, the H1N1 influenza experience, which identified morbid Obesity as a risk factor for a more aggressive course of the disease, should alert surgeons to the need for increased vigilance in caring for these patients.


Visualization of the Covid-19 virus

What Experts Are Saying

 We turned to a panel of leading surgeons to answer critical questions regarding gastric sleeve surgery. See what they had to say below.


1- What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

 Dr. Milan Doshi | Director at Allure MedSpa 

 “Gastric sleeve surgery preliminary results have shown gastric sleeve to be beneficial, which means this is an effective means of weight loss. Along with weight loss, it helps patients with obesity-related diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, sleep apnoea, knee joint pain.”


  2- What Are The Most Affordable Countries For Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

 Sophie Chung | CEO & Founder | Changing access to Healthcare

 “Some countries offering affordable gastric sleeve surgery include – but are not limited to Poland, Mexico, Turkey, and Lithuania. Prices can be up to 60% lower, including accommodation and ground transfers in most cases.

 Please note that these are general overview costs, and they can vary greatly depending on the clinic of your choice, your individual case, and the exchange rate at the time of treatment”.


 3- Is Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery More Dangerous Than We Think?

 Larry Isaacs | Retired General Surgeon 

“All operations on the stomach are major operations, with the exception of Roscoe Graham patch for perforated gastric ulcer.

There are serious complications of stomach surgery. However sleeve gastrectomy is no more or less dangerous than other operations on the stomach.

I believe sleeve gastrectomy to be superior to Roux Y Gastric bypass, but that doesn’t mean any stomach operation is risk free.”


4- How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Gastric Sleeve?

Kamtam Vaidh | MBBS, MS in Surgery, All India Institute of Medical Sciences

 “The patient is expected:

to mobilize and walk on the day of surgery (within 6 hours of surgery).

to start oral feeds with liquid diet on the next day of surgery.

to be discharged on the second day after surgery.

to be put on liquid diet for 2 weeks after surgery.

to start soft foods from day 15.

to lose 15% Total Body weight (TBW) by 3 months.

to lose 24% Total Body Weight (TBW) by 6 months.

to lose 28–30% Total Body Weight (TBW) by 1 year.


 They stop losing weight after 1 or 1 and half years and plateau after that or can even have mild weight regain if not compliant with dietary advice and regular physical exercises.”


Instagram Searches #gastricsleeve

 People across the globe are hashtagging their weight-loss transformations on Instagram after undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Hashtag #gastricsleeve has 1,333,062 posts.

See a few before and after posts trending on Instagram right now: 


instagram gastric sleeve before after


instagram gastric sleeve before after 3


About The Data

 We ranked the top most popular cities in terms of gastric sleeve surgery searches from highest (number 1) to lowest (no 55). Values are calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, where 100 is the location with the most popularity as a fraction of total searches in that location, a value of 50 indicates a location that is half as popular. 

The publication’s facts and figures are sourced from Google Trends, in addition to information gathered from industry experts and various news sources. 


Sources: Google Interest | Google Trends, | Obesity Rates | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, America’s Health Rankings. Gastric surgery costs were compiled by comparing the average rates charged by surgeons and cosmetic hospitals within each city. Where no ranking could be found an overall ranking was given of the closest major city.


About Tajmeeli

Tajmeeli helps educate beauty enthusiasts about cosmetic surgery and its alternatives. Publishing thousands of articles each year, Tajmeeli has a team of medical professionals who write articles at the intersection of beauty and medicine.  With more than 1,000,000 users monthly, connects patients with cosmetic doctors around the world.