Stripped Bare: Top 20 Most searched for celebs without makeup on Google

Most searched celebs without makeup

When #nomakeup and #wokeuplikethis selfies started trending on social media, these celebrities quickly jumped on board. 

From Cardi B, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lopez, to BTS, Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion and Kim Kardashian West, superstars are proving the no makeup look is all about confidence, whether it’s owning the Oscars red carpet, turning heads at the Telluride Film Festival, or just running to Starbucks on a lazy Sunday.


The Most Searched No-Makeup Celebrities

American rapper and actress Cardi B has slammed online trolls numerous times for criticizing her choice not to wear makeup. Her off-the-charts no makeup confidence is likely why she tops the most searched celebrity list with no makeup.

Ariana Grande is in a close second place on the list, while Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, and BTS follow in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively. 

In a surprising twist, Alicia Keys falls to 20th place, beaten by Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani, and Gigi Hadid.


Keep reading to see the top 20 searches of celebrities with no makeup, ranked in ascending order of Google searches.


1st Place: Cardi B No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches  | 2,741,160

Cardi B’s no makeup face has attracted great interest, particularly in the regions of North Macedonia, Slovenia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United States. 

In September 2020, searches for Cardi without makeup peaked, coinciding with her filing for divorce from Offset in Fulton County, Georgia.

The rapper – who has had breast implants, butt augmentation, and liposuction procedures in the past – explains: “I’m comfortable in my skin, I’m great, I’m happy. I’m gonna stay on top with this face, this natural face”. 

The graph below highlights peak search months for “Cardi B without makeup” keyword.

cardi b spike



Cardi B shares this no makeup video with her fans | Instgram@iamcardib

Cardi B No Makeup


2nd place: Ariana Grande No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 1,188,000

Ariana Grande is known for her dramatic lashes and winged cat eyeliner. According to the star herself, she usually uses Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in the color Corrupt and Mac Cosmetics’ Haute and Naughty Lash Mascara to achieve her signature look. 

However, there are those rare occasions where the “Thank U, Next” singer dons the no makeup look. 

A quick search on the Net reveals at least 13 occasions Ariana has ditched cosmetics and uploaded fresh-faced selfies.

This no makeup selfie of Ariana Grande was taken in 2018 | Instgram@arianagrandenomakeup

Ariana Grande No Makeup


3rd place: Kylie Jenner No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches  | 1,129,320

Kylie Jenner has gone with no makeup several times. In 2019, a paparazzi photo of her wearing glasses and no makeup made the rounds. The same year, Kylie shared a promo video for her skincare line just before it launched, wearing no makeup in the video.

In a season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie wore no makeup for a day, undergoing LASIK surgery to correct her vision. She’s also gone bare-faced in many of her Instagram Stories and selfies.

Kylie Jenner flaunts her freckles in this makeup-free selfie. While clean-faced, she’s never without a triple stack of eyelash extensions | Instagram@kyliejenner 

Kylie Jenner No Makeup 


4th place: Jennifer Lopez No Makeup  

Annual Google Searches  | 772,320

On New Year’s Eve (2020), Jennifer Lopez took her makeup off on camera and revealed what she looks like without any products to her fans. Watch the video on Instagram here

Jennifer’s makeup artist, Mary Phillips, says the iconic musician – who denies having had Botox or any injectable or surgery – uses L’Oréal’s Age Perfect Glow Renewal Day Lotion to keep her skin flawless, eats healthy, drink lots of water and fresh juices, exercises, gets regular sleep, and follows an a.m. and p.m. skincare routine.

#MorningFace: Jennifer Lopez shows off her glowing skin in a rare no makeup selfie | Instagram@jlo

Jennifer Lopez No Makeup


5th place: BTS No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches  | 639,840

Although they do not always wear makeup, the majority of BTS members do so when filming music videos and performing. Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, RM, and V are among them. Note, though its possible to go without makeup many of the stars in the list still do use hair dye and this can be seen with several members of this pop group.

The BTS members without the eyeshadow and lip gloss | Instagram@bts.bighitofficial

BTS No Makeup


6th place: Nicki Minaj No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches  | 591,600

Since she began rapping about a decade ago, Nicki Minaj has built a name for herself with outrageous wigs, over-the-top cosmetics, and outrageous clothes, so fans seldom see her without makeup.

There are a handful of no makeup selfies of Nicki on the Internet (12 that we could find) – including a throwback MTV of Nicki in a freestyle rap “Dirty Money”, an image captured from August Alsina’s music video, No Love, back in 2014, a snap of her with no makeup in the shower, and photos of her wearing no makeup at the beach.

Nicki claims that she has never gone under the knife in an interview with Extra, but claims she drinks Aloe Vera water to get perfect skin.

A no makeup clip of Nicki Minaj in a freestyle rap “Dirty Money” | Via YouTube.

Nicki Minaj No Makeup


7th place: Megan Thee Stallion No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 542,400

Looking at photos of Megan Thee Stallion, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this superstar with 24.2m followers on Instagram was still wearing foundation in some of her no makeup selfies, but Megan assures her fans she is “clean-faced”. 

Megan says that she hasn’t been applying foundation because her hyperpigmentation is “getting better”, and her complexion has improved dramatically over the last year.

Her secret? “I used to be stressed out, consume a lot of sugar, and stay up late. My skin was giving me so many issues. Now that I’m following a healthier lifestyle, my skin has improved.”

Megan Thee Stallion’s skin looks flawless after the star adopted a healthier lifestyle | Instagram@theestallion

Megan Thee Stallion No Makeup


8th place: Kim Kardashian West No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches | 488,760

Kim Kardashian West has been interested in the #nomakeup movement for a while. In July 2015, she appeared on the cover of Spanish Vogue without a stitch of foundation, concealer, or mascara. 

Still, a lot of upkeep goes into Kim looking good with no makeup. She has regular Botox, fillers, diamond skin tightening treatments, facials, skin peels, and skin laser treatments. She’s been known to visit Dr. Kanodia in LA, who offers treatments that cost as much as £6,000. While her highest-ticket item, Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale Rich Cream, will set you back about $455. 

Interest in Kim Kardashian West with no makeup peaked during the coronavirus lockdown period between March and April 2021 in Canada, United States, and the United Kingdom.

Interest in Kim Kardashian West with no makeup peaked during the coronavirus lockdown 

Kim Kardashian West sporting the no makeup look | Instgram@kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian West No Makeup


9th place:  Lady Gaga No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 476,400

Even though she  started her own cosmetics line, Haus Labs, Lady Gaga continues to flaunt her all-natural complexion in no makeup selfies. 

Sarah Tanno, the singer’s longtime makeup artist, tells fans that Lady Gaga has “the most amazing skin in the industry”. Whether she’s glammed up or not, the “Shallow” singer always manages to look positively glowing.

Lady Gaga’s diet plays a significant role in giving her skin a natural and healthy glow. According to insiders, she is a big fan of keeping herself hydrated and is often seen drinking coconut water.

Lady Gaga looking flawlessly fierce | Instgram@ladygaga

Lady Gaga No Makeup


10th place: Taylor Swift No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches | 341,520

Taylor Swift has always had a couple of makeup signatures: Red lipstick and winged eyeliner are her go-to’s.

While most images we see of the singer are with a full face of makeup, there are a few rare photos of her wearing no makeup and showing off her fresh complexion.

Taylor uses the Kate Summerville night cream before going to bed and every morning, swears by body shop coconut body butter, and always uses a sun-block to protect her skin from the damage of sun-rays. 

A no makeup Taylor Swift and her beloved kitty, Olivia Benson | Instagram@taylorswift

Taylor Swift No Makeup


11th place: Jennifer Aniston No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches  | 277,800

Many believe that Jennifer Aniston has undergone extensive plastic surgery since the 1990s, including a nose job, chin implant, facelift, fillers, and other procedures. She admitted to having a nose job to People magazine in 2007. As far as the other rumors, she says everything else is natural. 

In August 2021, Jennifer posted a no makeup selfie on Instagram. The star was promoting the launch of the new official Friends merchandise.

Jennifer told Vogue she swears by pro makeup artist Jennifer Dempsey’s Gold Sculpting Bar, which helps tone, lift, and contour, and Vital Protein Collagen Powder, which supports healthy skin.

Jennifer Aniston’s no makeup selfie | Instagram@jenniferaniston 

Jennifer Aniston No Makeup


12th place: Beyoncé  No Makeup

Annual Google Searches  | 266,760

Beyoncé, it turns out, takes her skincare very seriously. In fact, the singer has a favorite skincare product that she uses to keep her skin silky smooth, and guess what? It’s a low-cost item that anyone can get at their local drugstore.

The Grammy winner sleeps with Aquaphor slathered on her face to keep her skin healthy. Aqua-what, you may ask?

Aquaphor is an emollient made out of petroleum jelly, mineral oil, glycerin, and lanolin that helps soften and smooth the skin while also creating an occlusive protective barrier on the surface to lock in moisture.

This is what Beyoncé really looks like with no makeup | Via Pinterest.

Beyoncé No Makeup


13th place: Kendall Jenner No Makeup

Annual Google Searches  | 258,600

Kendall Jenner rose to fame after appearing on the reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Having started her epic modeling career at the age of just 14, she is today an Estée Lauder brand spokesperson. So yes, Kendall knows makeup inside and out. 

While she is often snapped wearing a full face of color – and seldom without red lipstick on her puckers –  there are those times when she leaves the house bare-faced. Even without her favorite cosmetics, she still looks naturally beautiful. 

How does she keep her skin in such great health?  

She says her beauty routine is pretty easy and even a little lazy at times.Before KendallI started modeling, she was always really OCD about cleansing her face. But since sheI wears so much makeup all the time for her modelling gigs, it’s definitely amplified. She admits she washes her face at least twice or three times a day.

Kendall Jenner: From glam to bare-faced | Insgram@kendalljenner

Kendall Jenner No Makeup


14th place: Rihanna No Makeup 

Annual Google Searches  | 244,680

Rihanna flaunted her glowing no makeup complexion as she touted the new Fenty Skin collection last year. 

In a video for Harper’s Bazaar, she took viewers through her evening beauty routine using just three products – the brand’s Total Cleanser, the Fat Water toner-serum hybrid, and, lastly, Hydra Vizor, an SPF 30 moisturizer.

Rihanna wearing no makeup and touting the Fenty Skin collection in a video for Harper’s Bazaar | Harper’s BAZAAR | YouTube

Rihanna No Makeup


15th place: Zendaya No Makeup

Annual Google Searches  | 243,480

Her brows are always perfectly groomed, she’s not afraid to try bold eyeshadows and vivid lips, and don’t even get us raving about her divine contouring.

While Zendaya is a never-ending source of makeup ideas and certainly knows her way around a cosmetics shop, she isn’t afraid to go bare-faced on occasion.

Zendaya is just as confident with no makeup as she is with makeup | Instagram@zendaya

Zendaya No Makeup


16th place: Selena Gomez No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 237,600

Selena Gomez admits she prefers going no makeup unless it is absolutely necessary. She never wears lipstick or lip gloss in her daily life, although she does use a serum to keep her lips nourished.

A no makeup Selena Gomez, holding a note that reads:  “I am in charge of how I feel and today I am choosing happiness!” | Via Pinterest.

Selena Gomez No Makeup


17th place: Katy Perry No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 210,840

Katy Perry is known for her voluminous “big, bold” lashes and experimenting with cotton candy-colored makeup. Her complexion is always sculpted to perfection and complete with a nude eye and bright pink lip. 

Along with her God-gifted voice, she also has natural beauty – even when sporting the zero-makeup look.

Proactiv, cleaning oil, and the occasional pro treatment are all favorites of the American Idol judge.

Katy used to have really bad skin in her early 20s and suffered from breakouts, which she attributed to stress and hormones.  Someone recommended she try the Proactiv cleanser. She’s been using it for over a decade and her skin is happier for it.

Katy Perry proves naturalness has always been in trend | Instagram@katyperry

Katy Perry No Makeup


18th place: Gwen Stefani No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 183,480

If you’re curious about Gwen Stefani’s appearance when she’s not wearing makeup, keep reading to find out! 

The “Hollaback Girl” and “Wind It Up” singer may be 51 years old, but she doesn’t look a day over 30, even without concealer!

It’s no secret that diet has an impact on the health of your skin, and Gwen understands this. 

She’s been following a strict no-meat diet since the age of 12, and she swears that eating a lot of fruits and vegetables keeps her skin looking young.

Gwen says the fountain of youth can be found in soy milk, spinach, celery, almonds, and bananas!

Gwen Stefani makes 51 look like the new 30 | Instagram@gwenstefani

Gwen Stefani No Makeup


19th place Gigi Hadid No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 150,000

Gigi Hadid, despite being one of the world’s highest-paid models, despises facials, makeup, and maintains a low-maintenance skincare routine.

For big events, she is known to turn to thin products for coverage, mixing Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonderglow Face Primer and Maybelline’s Poreless Liquid Foundation together and applying the products with her hands.

She’s also a huge fan of natural products like Oliveda’s olive leaf cleansers and oils to keep her skin glowing.

No makeup photos of Gigi reveal her true beauty. Her skin has absolutely no trace of visible pores, and she rarely breaks out, except during fashion week. 

Makeup or no makeup, Gigi Hadid always looks like a supermodel | Instagram@gigihadid

Gigi Hadid No Makeup


20th place: Alicia Keys No Makeup

Annual Google Searches | 118,800

In 2016, Alicia Keys went no makeup after nearly a decade of using cosmetics. “I don’t want to cover up anymore,” she wrote in Lenny Letter, an online feminist newsletter, as she declared her #nomake-up movement. 

Indeed, Alicia has been a living testament to those words, going “no makeup” for events, including the 2016 BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and the 2018 Grammy Awards. 

Alicia’s makeup artist Dotti reveals the star applies cucumber pulp and does “ice work” on her skin (rolling an ice stick on her face until the blood rushes to the surface) to achieve bare, fresh-faced naturalism. 

Alicia Keys looking fresh-faced | Instagram@aliciakeys

Alicia Keys No Makeup


See full list below:


Celebrity Annual Google Searches (Global)
Cardi B 2,741,160
Ariana Grande 1,188,000
Kylie Jenner 1,129,320
J Lo 772,320
BTS 639,840
Nicki Minaj 591,600
Megan Thee Stallion 542,400
Kim Kardashian 488,760
Lady Gaga 476,400
Taylor Swift 341,520
Jennifer Aniston 277,800
Beyoncé 266,760
Kendall Jenner 258,600
Rihanna 244,680
Zendaya 243,480
Selena Gomez 237,600
Katy Perry 210,840
Gwen Stefani 183,480
Gigi Hadid 150,000
Alicia Keys 118,800


Instagram most used without makeup hashtags #nomakeup and #wokeuplikethis selfies

It’s no secret that hashtags on Instagram have evolved into one of the most important sources of beauty inspiration, and it’s no wonder celebs, makeup artists, and the likes, are hashtagging their beauty transformations, tips, and favorite products on their Insta feeds

Keep reading for the four most popular makeup hashtags for Instagram…

Instagram Searches #nomakeup


Most Used No Makeup Hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags Posts
#nomakeup 19,853,897
#nomakeupselfie 602,053
#nomakeupmakeup 538,045
#nomakeupday 294,475
#nomakeupneeded 209,867
#nomakeuplook 197,790
#nomakeupmonday 140,262
#nomakeupchallenge 97,119
#nomakeupon 94,012
#nomakeupdontcare 76,547
#nomakeupmakeuplook 70,795
#nomakeuptoday 55,733
#nomakeupnoproblem 48,353
#nomakeupnofilter 32,026
#nomakeupsunday 27,295
#nomakeupdays 26,288
#nomakeupface 25,976
#nomakeupkindaday 18,295
#nomakeupselfies 14,799
#nomakeupmondays 13,368
#nomakeupever 13,268
#nomakeupfriday 10,506
#nomakeupsaturday 10,494
#nomakeupgang 10,421
#nomakeupgirl 10,239
#nomakeuplife 10,019
#nomakeupmovement 8,002
#nomakeuprequired 7,647
#nomakeuptuesday 7,504
#nomakeupkindofday 7,323
#nomakeups 6,967


About The Data

No-Make-Up Celebrities were ranked based on the number of Google estimated searches in the past year between August 2020 and July 2021 for each celebrity’s name combined with variations of the keyword – “No Makeup” via the Google Ads API. Instagram hashtag data was sourced from Instagram.

The data in the publication are based on Google Trends, as well as information obtained through conversations with industry professionals and celebrities.


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